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The REPA Campaign

What do we want ?

An extra mile, to Leather Lane.

AP4 , SES3 cycle

Additional provisions 4 & the Supplementary Environmental Statement 3 implement the decision to extend the tunnel to South Heath. See

What did we get ? (July 2015 sessions)

The committee directed HS2 Ltd to investigate an extension of the bored tunnel to just beyond Frith Hill ..
see slides (from Balinger meeting, 28th July; pptx or pdf ) & maps

Strangely enough, this is just what The Chesham Society requested, in January 2013, but is now opposed by REPA who campaigned for a longer tunnel to Leather Lane

Several aspects of the "C6 " tunnel are unclear - see our list of questions regarding the "summary of changes" issued by HS2.

What did we ask for ?

The REPA petition - as presented to the SC. See this index for transcripts, cross examination etc.

REPA appear before the committee

REPA appear before the committee

HS2 Select Committee


The HS2 select committee visited Community Forum area 9 on 22nd June, and spent some time around South Heath. The photograph (left) shows the committee at the REPA gazebo on Kings Lane, and (right) Rodney Craig, our tunnel expert, with Sir Peter Bottomley. REPA distributed this brochure, making the case for extending the Chilterns Tunnel at least as far as Leather Lane.

Subsequently, three new committee members visited all of Bucks on the afternoon of 10th August, and inevitably failed to keep up to the somewhat optimistic schedule; several locations, including the new tunnel portal at Bury Farm, were missed after previous visits overran - see our press release.

See this album for more pictures of the SC visits


The select committee began hearing petitions requesting extensions to the Chilterns Tunnel on 13th July. See this page for an index of petitions presented so far.

REPA will appear before the committee on 21st July, to present its petition . HS2 have issued this Petition Response Document.



Meetings with HS2 Ltd

REPA Meetings

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