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REPA is an association of community based groups in the South Heath/Hyde Heath area of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The area extends from near Mantles Wood to Leather Lane. REPA is concerned that HS2 Ltd’s proposals for the area have an unreasonable and unacceptable environmental impact, and is campaigning for the alternative proposal of extending the Chilterns bored tunnel – at least to well beyond South Heath.

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We consider that HS2 Ltd wrongly dismissed a 3.6km bored tunnel extension northwards to beyond the South Heath area on the basis that it would cost more and delay the build programme, as recorded in the Environmental Statement. South Heath is the only community in Buckinghamshire that HS2 Ltd identifies as suffering an adverse community impact from HS2.

The environmental impacts of HS2 are substantial and significant at national level. There are impacts on the landscape, hedgerows, public rights of way, the community, tranquillity, and roads. This stretch of HS2 accounts for 25% of all the ancient woodland losses on Phase 1 of the route, directly affecting 3 ancient woodlands. This map (prepared for REPA) shows the extent of the proposed works in the AONB.

REPA commissioned and submitted a revised engineering report on the SHCTE in 2015, updating the earlier version which formed part of its 2013 draft ES consultation response. HS2 Ltd have accepted that the SHCTE is feasible, and that it has clear environmental benefits. The issue has narrowed to a divergence of view on the costs, its impact on the build schedule, and how the environmental benefits are taken into account in the decision making process.

About REPA

REPA was set up in 2013 when the extent of the environmental devastation that would be caused by HS2 became clear. In the planning of HS2 seemingly little regard has been paid to its passage through the widest part of an AONB. For example on the basis of the ES it is proposed that:

REPA is an association of both long established groups (eg in Potter Row; Hyde Heath and Chesham Society) and several newer resident-based groups (eg representing various parts of South Heath itself). All are united in


Below is the list of REPA members and supporting groups. Members are primarily representative groups in the South Heath/Hyde Heath area (and surrounding communities eg of Potter Row) who are directly and specially affected by HS2’s proposals to run HS2 in open cuttings and in a green tunnel in the heart of the AONB -